Official is the time from when the race starts (gun goes off) to when you cross the finish line mat (a chip records your personal finish time). Official Time is used by organizations like IAAF, Athletics Canada, USATF, and AIMS and International Awards standards.

Official Time is important for competitive runners – that’s why they like to be right up front. They can keep an eye on each other from the word go! As in previous years, the Age Group Awards for all events including the 5KM, 10KM, Half and the Full Marathon will continue to be based on Official Time.

Chip time – think of it as your own personal time. Chip time starts when you cross the mat and activate your chip, and it stops when you cross the finish line mat. It helps when there are a few thousand people ahead of you. You can find out your exact walking or running time, but you don’t have worry if takes a couple of minutes to activate your chip at the start line.

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