Last year we spent approximately $1,003,000 to stage the Blue Nose Marathon.  Here’s a look at the breakdown of those expenditures.

As with many similar events the fees paid by registrants, which in 2018 amounted to $460,000 do not cover all of these expenditures. The rest of the revenue comes primarily from sponsors and grants from Halifax and the Province of Nova Scotia.

Additionally, Blue Nose receives very generous in-kind contributions from suppliers and sponsors for products and services like: web site, security, marketing, printing, trucking, food, professional fees and advertising. These are expenses that the Blue Nose Marathon would typically have to incur to run the event in addition to those listed above.

As well, our amazing volunteers step up in major ways that enables us to present a special event for Halifax. We really could not do it without them.  They volunteer approximately 40,000 hours leading up to, and during, the weekend! They are truly dedicated to making this a world-class event.

Blue Nose Marathon would like to thank all of its supporters for their incredible contributions. Feel free to express your gratitude to our many supporters and volunteers during the Blue Nose Weekend.

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