The Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon has been running for 15 years – and we are proud to introduce you to the Myles Club. A club created to recognize the efforts and commitment of people who have participated in our event for 15 years.

They have been with us every step of the way. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow has kept them from showing up to GIV’ER and you NOSE we have to celebrate!

Myles club members receive their 15th Blue Nose Marathon entry free, as well as an honorary Myles Club bib.

Congratulations to our 2018 inductees:

  • Ken McCormick
  • Carolyn Morrison
  • Laura Leslie
  • Jenny Keenan
  • Darrell Ling
  • Sherri Murney
  • Barb Brennan
  • Donny Lynch
  • Edward Cobb
  • Cecile Chavy
  • Louise Leduc
  • Randy Currie
  • Roger Ebbett
  • Richard Richard
  • Joanne Oostveen
  • Scott Clark
  • Rod McCulloch
  • Gerald Walsh
  • Jokathy Keeping
  • Mark Campbell
  • Michael Mackenzie
  • Joanne Lane
  • Marsha Greenan


If you are eligible to be inducted into the Myles club in 2019, please email