The Team Myles ambassador program is a special program within the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon that invites people who are pursuing lifestyle and fitness goals to band together and train for a 5KM or 10KM at the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon. This free program offers access to professionals who will work with you to set personal goals, and also provides opportunity to learn about exercise, running, technical gear, training, diet and nutrition from qualified proessionals. Individuals will apply what they learn during weekly training sessions, and support one another as they work toward their fitness goals.

Team Myles members also serve as Blue Nose Ambassadors, helping spread the Blue Nose word throughout the community.



“I can sum up my Team Myles experience in two words. Life. Altering.” – Kristen Grant, Team Myles 2017

“It is honestly hard for me to put in words how amazing this experience was…you need to experience it for yourself. Applying for Team Myles was one of the best decisions I have ever made…I owe my life to this program!” – Alisha Kingston, Team Myles 2017

“I’m a painstakingly slow runner. Walkers pass me on a regular basis so I always assumed I was destined to be mostly a solitary runner and I was okay with this. Team Myles firmly put a stop to that thought process!” – Christina Devine, Team Myles 2017

Throughout the course of their training, Team Myles members will share their stories and blog about their experiences. They will share personal perspective on everything from goal setting, to proper nutrition, to how to stay motivated when the weather isn’t cooperating.Check out the personal blogs from the members of Team Myles 2017 as they trained for their event.

If you’d like to join the Team Myles Ambassador Program, click here

Special thanks to the Team Myles sponsors!