A big thank you to Love Training More for providing these training programs for use by Blue Nosers everywhere.

These ‘tried-and-true’ training schedules are designed to get you to the start line.  The plans will work both if you are running continuously in your runs or if you are using walk breaks.  There is guidance included on how to make it more advanced.

click here for the 5KM training plan

click here for the 10KM training plan

Click here for the 15KM training plan

Click here for the half marathon training plan

Click here for the full marathon training plan


doctors_sponsorMyles knows that even our young runners can benefit from some tips on how to prepare for their big day at the Blue Nose Marathon. To learn more about how you can arrive ready to run, check out the Kids’ Run Club Runner’s Handbook.

For information on training for children and youth, visit Doctors Nova Scotia Kids’ Run Club.